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To learn more about environmental history and land use legacy visit the Havard Forest LTERS website.

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GA is home to over 40 snake species, of which the vast majority are non-venomous.

Snakes of SE

Keith Bradley

Keith A. Bradley is a Botanist specializing in plant species and ecosystems of the Southeastern United States and Caribbean. He is Affiliate Faculty of the University of South Carolina, Department of Biological Sciences. He has been active in the regional conservation community for more than 20 years, working on a broad array of biological conservation research, land management, and planning issues. His work on recovery of endangered species and their habitats has led to two awards from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, including the Regional Leader in Recovery Award in 2008 and the Coastal Program Conservation Partnership Award in 2010. He is widely considered an expert on the flora of the southeast. Current research includes floristic studies in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain of South Carolina, graminoids of the Southeastern United States, and coastal restoration techniques. He also teaches plant identification classes throughout the southeast.